How to Choose the Right Cabinet & Countertop Style & Color Combination

How to Choose the Right Cabinet & Countertop Style & Color Combination

Posted by Tony Thomas on August 13, 2018

When designing your kitchen you have to choose not only cabinet material, color and style but countertop material, color, and style and how to best combine the two so that they look great.  There are a few different ways to approach choosing style and color combinations but it is important to do so before you begin purchasing materials or components of the new kitchen.  Carefully consider what you want the end result to look like and then work backwards from there.

When determining the right cabinet and countertop style and color combination, you have to first look at the overall color palette in the room.  What is your kitchen aesthetic going to be?  Are you trying to go for modern and bold or transitional and subdued?  Do you love the look of a white kitchen or do you want to do something unexpected in your kitchen?  By considering what you want the aesthetic to be you will have a great jumping off point to work from.

Once you have established the color palette the next thing you will want to consider is style.  This will be directly influenced by your home’s architectural style and preferred design aesthetic for you kitchen.  If you have a modern home you will probably opt for more modern cabinet and countertop styles. And, if you have a traditional home you may opt for more traditional style cabinets and countertops.  You want your kitchen to be uniquely beautiful but still flow well with the general home aesthetic.  For example, modern cabinets tend to have clean lines and a more streamlined style while traditional cabinets may have a more intricate design, molding on the top, and a more traditional door style.

Now that you know kitchen aesthetic and cabinet style, you simply need to choose countertop material and color and cabinet color.  Your countertop material color may be limited by the type of material you choose so it is a good idea to consider what material you want and that works with your budget.  Next, determine if you want dark or light cabinets and whether or not you want a wood grain or a solid finish.  Finally, determine if you want the countertops to match and essentially blend in with the cabinets (white cabinets with white countertops), or if you want the countertops to accent and add visual interest to the cabinets.  Perhaps you want to have a bold color cabinet with a more subdued countertop style.  Consider complimentary colors that flow well together and always put samples side by side to ensure you like the look of the finished kitchen.