Cabinet Design Process

There are kitchen cabinets for every price point, some more custom than others, and Cabinet & Stone can assist you with the entire cabinet design process.

What to Expect from the Cabinet Design Process

When choosing and designing your new kitchen cabinets, there are a lot of decisions to make.  There are kitchen cabinets for every price point, some more custom than others, and Cabinet & Stone can assist you with the entire cabinet design process.  We assist you in creating a design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing while staying within your budget.  We will take into account your family size, lifestyle, entertaining style, cooking style, and other needs so that you have a unique, efficient, and beautiful design.

Cabinet Design Process Flow

When you work with Cabinet & Stone, the design process has a natural yet efficient flow:

1. Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation with Cabinet & Stone, we will discuss your personal design and decor aesthetic, how much space you have, what you hope to accomplish with the space in terms of organization and storage, budget, and more.

2. Measure Space and Discuss Layout

Cabinet & Stone will take complete measurements of each space in which you are installing cabinets.  We will also factor in the dimensions of appliances when assisting you in designing your cabinetry.

3. Design Computer Renderings

For many people, envisioning what the finished product will look like can be very difficult and that leads to uncertainty during the design process.  At Cabinet & Stone, we design computer renderings of your space, cabinetry, appliances, etc. to scale.  This allows you to see how things will be laid out and see what different styles will look like in your space.

4. Deliver and Install

The delivery team with Cabinet & Stone carefully transports your cabinetry to you and our experienced team of installers will expertly install and hang cabinetry safely and securely.

5. Final Review with Client

Once your new cabinets have been installed by Cabinet & Stone, we will review the entire experience with you and ensure that you are satisfied with every detail of your new cabinetry.

Designing Custom Cabinets with Cabinet & Stone

At Cabinet & Stone, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer service throughout the entire cabinet design and installation process.  We listen carefully to both your wants and your needs in terms of style, storage, organization, etc. and help you find the ideal cabinetry to meet your desires and budget.  We have decades of experience in the cabinetry industry and are waiting to assist you in designing your new cabinetry, and installing it for optimal beauty and safety.

Visualize Your Dream Kitchen

See Your New Kitchen Come To Life With Our Amazing 3D Renderings, Scaled Drawings and Detailed Specifications. From concept to completed project; your dreams, our professional designers, a winning combination every time.

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