5 Things to Know Before Your Kitchen Remodel

5 Things to Know Before Your Kitchen Remodel

Posted by Tony Thomas on August 6, 2018

Remodeling a kitchen is not just a great investment in the overall value of your home but it is also a lot of fun!  It is a chance to make your kitchen exactly how you want it, update its style, and add exciting new features.  But, before you start your kitchen remodel, I ti important to know a few things.

1. Know Your Budget

Your budget is, by far, the most important thing you need to know before you begin a kitchen remodel.  Kitchen remodels can be very expensive but there is also a huge range in cost and each feature you choose will depend on your budget.  The last thing you want is to set your sights on, and make plans for a $75,000 kitchen remodel but only have a budget of $45,000.  Know your budget in advance so that you can plan accordingly.

2. Know the Scope of the Project

Once you know your budget you need to know what the scope of the project is.  While most people know they need to think about cabinetry, countertops and appliances, don’t forget things like hardware and whether or not changes in plumbing or electrical wiring.  If there are plumbing or wiring changes, that will add significantly to the overall cost so it is important to budget it in.

3. Know if You Need Permits

If you are adding on, changing plumbing, or working with electrical you may need permits.  Find out from your contractor in advance if you will need permits so that you can acquire them in a timely way that does not delay renovation.

4. Know the Size of Your Appliances

Whether you are re-using appliances you already own or purchasing new, measure them (and then measure them again!) and plan for their dimensions accordingly when choosing cabinetry dimensions so that your appliances actually fit when it is time to install them.

5. Know What Features You Want

When you set out to remodel your kitchen it is important to consider not just kitchen necessities but functionality and luxury.  What features are a must?  What features would be nice?  What features will only be added if there is room left in the budget?  Do you want a new range hood?  New hardware?  Completely new cabinetry? A particular countertop material?  Now is the time to really consider what features you want in your kitchen so that your finished kitchen is exactly as you dreamed it would be.