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Why You Should Consider Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen’s design sets the tone for the whole home.  It is one of the most important areas of the home because it is often where a significant amount of your home life is lived.  You want your kitchen to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences so that it is a place you enjoy.  When building a new kitchen or remodeling, a big decision that must be made is what type of cabinetry to install.

Kitchen cabinet color options include wood, white, bold colors, dark, etc. and then you also have design options such as modern, traditional, transitional…the possibilities are endless!  One popular option right now offers the best of both worlds – two-toned kitchen cabinets allow you to explore different colors and possibly even slightly different style cabinets in one kitchen.

A popular way to incorporate two-toned kitchen cabinets is with your kitchen island.  Many people opt for a light cabinet for the main kitchen cabinetry and then offset the look with a darker color on their kitchen island.  This adds visual interest and drama without making the kitchen look overly dark.

The same effect can be achieved by having a light color cabinet hanging on the wall with your lower cabinets darker color.  In addition, if you want to add even a bit more visual interest, you can incorporate a complementary but slightly different cabinet door style with your two-toned cabinetry.  Consult an experienced kitchen cabinet design company to discuss your personal style, kitchen goals, and budget to determine what kitchen cabinetry will look best in your space.