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Upgrading Kitchen Cabinets in 2023

An upgrade to your kitchen can transform your home, so you want to make sure the transformation is a positive one. Your kitchen cabinets are a defining feature of the room, so making sure they are on trend is one of the best ways to bring a fresh feel to your space. Take a look at the design ideas that will be big in 2023.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Over the years, many different features have been in-style when it comes to cabinets. From two-tone uppers and lowers to open shelves, homeowners have had plenty to choose from. Looking ahead, here are the ideas designers are focusing on.

1. More Drawers in Bottom Cabinets

You are probably used to seeing a few drawers in lower cabinets with cupboards with shelves. In 2023, don’t be surprised to see the drawer-to-cupboard ratio change. The segmented storage can be easier to use and hold more items in a neater arrangement. This maximizes functionality in your space.

2. Unique Glass Doors

Adding glass fronts to a few of your cabinet doors can add light and interest to a space. This trend is evolving with the return of stained glass. It’s a material that used to be common in kitchens and homes but fell out of popularity. Now, people are bringing it back to add a bit of color and design to kitchen cabinets.

3. Standout Islands

It’s clear that kitchen islands have become the heart of many kitchens since they are gathering spots for families. That has inspired many interior stylists to make the island kitchen cabinets stand out. Start with a bold color or a different type of wood for the island, and top it off with a countertop that stands out from the rest of the kitchen.

Updating Your Kitchen Cabinets

A fresh look in the kitchen will make your home seem modern and fresh, so start planning an update today. Reach out to Cabinet&Stone to find materials that match your vision.