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Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Design: What’s Hot Right Now

Modern trends in cabinet design can help you put your personal touch on your kitchen. Not only can a beautiful kitchen design wow guests, but it also makes the home feel more energizing and inspiring. Give your kitchen the perfect ambiance by transforming your cabinets in amazing ways.

Smart Ways To Take Kitchen Design Unexpected Places

Upgrading your cabinets can have a huge impact on the kitchen, from custom cabinet doors to attention-grabbing hardware. Here are some ideas for inspiration.

Bold Finishes

Forget about holding back. Empower yourself with cabinet finishes in bold colors. Embrace your personality completely by letting color do the talking, including striking yellows, reds and oranges. If you want some tropical flair, blues and greens are another possibility.

Natural Light

Make your kitchen design feel more relaxing and spacious by letting plenty of natural light inside. Flat-panel cabinets add to this open feel. If you like the sophisticated look of shadows playing across your cabinets, choose cabinet doors with recessed details.

Color Combinations

No one said that you can only choose one tone for all of your cabinets. Push the envelope with two-toned cabinets. Give lower cabinets a different finish than upper cabinets. Here are some possibilities:

  • Black and white
  • Red and black
  • Gray and white
  • Green and natural finish
  • Dark blue and light blue

Remodeling Tips for Kitchen Design

There are incredible ways to bring your kitchen to life regardless of your budget. Complete kitchen remodels let you build your dream kitchen from the ground up with kitchen islands, luxurious countertops and sleek cabinets. Smaller changes, such as hardware upgrades or cabinet door refinishing, are great for giving your kitchen a new vibe. Above all, have fun.

Professional Kitchen Design and Remodeling Services

Designing your ideal kitchen is exciting, and the benefits last a long time. Make sure the finished results are just as breathtaking as you imagine by working with kitchen design and remodeling professionals in Scottsdale.