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Tips for Designing Your Ultimate Built-In Closet

built-in closet Your house should be a peaceful sanctuary that is comfortable and beautiful but that also functions in a way that makes your life easier and more enjoyable. Homeowners today are prioritizing home customizations that are aesthetically pleasing but highly functional and one great example of that is custom built-in closets. A built-in closet is highly customizable and scalable, transforming everything from small hall closets to spacious walk-in closets.

A closet’s design and organizational capacity are incredibly important because it is one of the larger storage spaces inside a home. With the right design, everything that is being stored has a home and can be clearly seen and easily accessed when needed, thereby helping you retain organization easily. Cookie-cutter closets just won’t work anymore – every homeowner has unique storage needs and that is where a great built-in closet design comes in. 

3 Tips for Designing Your Ultimate Custom Built-In Closet

  • Assess Your Current & Future Storage Needs
    • Consider how much you tend to store and also the types of items you will want to store in your new built-in closet. This is important because it will make the biggest impact on the overall design. If it’s your master closet – do you have tons of shoes, collect hats, store and display purses, or have a multitude of jeans? The answers will impact things like hanging space, drawers, shelves, hooks, and other features.
  • Consider Functional Features & Enhancements
    • Have you always wanted to have a sitting area in your closet? Do you want to have an area for laundry? Would you like a full-length mirror inside your closet? Do you want to aesthetically display some of your most treasured items? Depending on the space and preferences, any of these things can be implemented in your built-in closet. 
  • Work with an Experienced Closet Designer & Builder
    • An experienced built-in closet builder listens to their client’s needs and works carefully with the client to bring their closet dreams to life. Whether it is a hall closet, storage closet, master closet, or garage closet, a professional knows the most effective ways to maximize storage and beauty for a truly exceptional built-in closet.