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Things to Consider When Choosing Laundry Room Cabinets

When you are ready to remodel your laundry room, you have a decision to make – do you want to choose the same exact cabinetry you have elsewhere in your home or do you want different cabinetry. This will depend on a number of things including personal preferences, availability of cabinetry, budget, and much more. But, when it comes to laundry room remodels, anything goes! It can look great for your laundry room cabinets to match the res of your home but they certainly don’t have to. In fact, it can make your home far more unique and visually appealing to choose different cabinetry or a different cabinetry color that aesthetically aligns with the rest of your home but stands out all on its own.

Your laundry room size and your functional needs will also impact the type of cabinetry you choose for your laundry room. You need to consider whether you prefer having some open shelving or if you like to be able to close a door and hide everything away. Additionally, consider the height you choose because if there is enough space, it can be nice to have a work surface at a comfortable standing height for you to fold and sort laundry.

Laundry rooms cabinets need to be durable and optimally should provide a lot of storage for efficient and safe organization. But, don’t forget about the aesthetic appeal. Because laundry rooms tend to be small or may not have window, people often choose light colors or white for their cabinetry to make the space feel brighter. But, don’t be afraid to do something unique or trendy in this space. It is a small enough space to take a risk with color or style if you have always wanted to without it overwhelming the main part of your home.

How to install laundry room cabinets


First, start the installation process by measuring the laundry room. Make sure to find wall studs, since they are crucial to support cabinets. The height and width of the fixtures are essential, so people should mark their placement on the surface. Draw a horizontal line from the bottom to the position of a cabinet. This line will enable the marks where studs should be placed for cabinets. Most importantly, pay attention to the electrical wires and plumbing installations.

Ledger boards

These ledger boards support the weight of cabinets while they are attached to the wall. It will make the installation process easier, along with marked studs. Screw the board on the leveled surface and fix the cabinet. The benefit of ledger boards is supporting the entire weight of fixtures. Once finished, patch and paint the wall.

Hang drawers

When hanging multiple fixtures, screw 3 or more screws before attaching them on the wall. Clamp the pieces together and match up the support with more screws. Lift the cabinets using ledgers with levels. Shim the plumb and secure the walls. Report the process multiple times.


When there are gaps between walls and cabinets, people should use filler bars to fix these issues. This helps to secure fixture in place using the measurement lines. Secure the last piece of the drawer before attaching doors and hardware. This step also requires some patch works once finished.

How to keep laundry room cabinets organized


Decluttering laundry room spaces is an effective way to tidy the room. When a laundry room requires excessive work, clean the closet as frequently as possible. This will help to reduce the visual clutter that affect aesthetics.

Maximize storage

Make sure to install a combination of cabinets or drawers to eliminate storage issues. Some items may even accumulate on the floor and these installations are essential to avoid this clutter. It is also a clever management trick to maximize the space by using hooks and racks.

Folding zone

Make sure to create a folding zone on the side of the cabinet to make the laundry process easier. It serves multiple purposes, such as storage, ironing, and folding needs. Providing a designated space will eliminate clothes piling up on the floor and laundry baskets.


Another effective way of organizing laundry room cabinets is creating schedule. Assign a task for each day with the help of the schedule and complete them throughout the week. It will avoid the hassle of dealing with piles of clothes. One can even assign different cabinets for multiple tasks.