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The 3 Key Features Every Kitchen Needs

When you take the plunge and decide to do a kitchen remodel, you might start to feel overwhelmed with the number of possibilities available to you. Of course, appliances, cabinets, floors, and countertops are the backbone of a great kitchen. That said, there are a few key features every kitchen should have.

Great Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets are the face of your kitchen. They’re the first thing someone will see when they walk into the room, which is why they can make or break your space’s entire look. So, when you’re choosing your cabinets, make sure they match the style of the rest of your room.

For example, if you’re getting high-end appliances and gleaming granite counters, avoid cabinets that may look too casual in comparison. Cabinet & Stone has plenty of options you can peruse if you’re unsure where to start.


Every kitchen needs a backsplash. It’s the finishing touch that ties your kitchen cabinets and countertops together. However, not just any backsplash will do. Instead, you want to find one that highlights your space and is easy to care for.

If your backsplash doesn’t match the appearance of the rest of your kitchen, it could end up throwing the whole room off. That’s why it’s essential to get this critical feature just right.

A Statement Piece

Your kitchen will likely be the hub of your home. For that reason, you’ll want a statement piece. For example, you could install an island with a unique shape, glass-front cabinets that reveal pretty dishes, or a shiny copper hood over your stove. If you’re unsure what works for your space, a big kitchen island is a safe bet.

You’ll have to consider many critical aspects of a kitchen design when you do your remodel. Fortunately, there are professionals available to help every step of the way. So if you’re ready to design your dream kitchen, reach out to Cabinet & Stone to start today.