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Tag: GE Black Slate Appliances

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Black, Gray, Navy Blue, and Emerald Green, the high-end allure our discerning customers desire.

Not only are the colors more alluring but so are the sheens, no longer is the High or Semi-Gloss sheen the norm, because the Matte and Satin sheens are complimenting the trends in appliance finishes as well.  Check out GE’s new Slate and Black Slate Matte finishes; the natural look and feel of stone.

Black Slate is versatile enough to match nearly any décor, yet striking enough to command just the right amount of attention.

The deep charcoal color perfectly complements the stainless steel, chef-inspired accents found on Café appliances. And its unique matte finish hides fingerprints and virtually eliminates smudges, keeping your appliances looking clean.

Here are a few snapshots of the Bolder Kitchen Cabinet Colors with GE Slate & Black Slate appliances.

Slate appliances black kitchen cabinets scottsdale
GE Slate Appliances Nior Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets
Slate Appliances Grey Cabinets Scottsdale
GE Black Slate Appliances Timeless Grey Shaker Cabinets
Black Slate Appliances Charcoal Kitchen Cabinets Scottsdale
GE Black Slate Appliances Charcoal Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets
GE Slate Appliances Slate Blur Cabinets Scottsdale
GE Slate Appliances Slate Blue Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Scottsdale