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Stylish Bathroom Countertops Options for Your Home

Add the final touches to your bathroom remodeling project with a new countertop. Whether you’re investing in a total bathroom makeover or looking for a single piece to refresh your room, explore the benefits of a modern countertop today. Enjoy a professional design and installation process to add a touch of elegance to any bathroom in your home.

Affordable Renovation

Your bathroom vanity countertop is one of the most visible surfaces in your bathroom. A new countertop can change the tone and color scheme of the entire room. Compared to replacing the flooring, fixtures or bathroom cabinets, a new countertop is a surprisingly affordable renovation for a master suite or guest bathroom.

Beautiful Moisture-Resistant Materials

There are a surprising amount of materials for you to choose from. A bathroom countertop is far smaller than a kitchen countertop, so you can invest in a premier material while still keeping your project on a budget. Compare these popular materials to see how you can add beauty and durability to your home:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Marble

These are the latest trends in countertop materials and offer an elegant balance of durable structure, timeless beauty and long-lasting quality. Be sure to work with a professional to enjoy a piece tailored to your sink basin and vanity for easy application. These materials are difficult to cut and install successfully, so let the professionals measure, cut and install your new top.

Personal Style and Timeless Flair

Compare the wide range of colors and textures to find the ideal option for your home. The beauty of marble, granite or quartz is that no two pieces look exactly the same. Shop based on colors, patterns and textures and work with a professional designer to find the ideal option for your home. These natural countertop options have been a staple of elegant bathrooms for years, so you can be confident in a timeless look of luxury and style.