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Simple Cabinet Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen

Whether you’ve just remodeled your kitchen or you’re enjoying the same quality cabinets you’ve had for years, find out how to thoroughly clean your cabinets. These cleaning techniques refresh your cabinetry and extend their lifetime. Explore ways to improve the lifespan of your kitchen cabinets for a lifetime of memories.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Time flies when you’re busy with work, family and projects around your home. While your work surfaces should be cleaned every day, it can be easy to forget about cabinet doors. Create a plan to clean your cabinets approximately every three days. This will prevent dust, oil, and other debris from collecting on them and compromising the finish.

Use Gentle Cleaning Products

Harsh cleaners can damage the finish of your cabinets, particularly wood cabinets. Avoid ammonia, bleach or other harsh products to protect the stain, paint or other finish on your cabinets. All that’s required is a natural cleaning solution and a towel. Use a mixture of vinegar, water and olive oil to wipe the fronts and sides of your cabinets, or purchase an all-natural cleaning agent designed for wood surfaces. Consider using wood polish to touch up the finish every six months.

Keep Them Dry

Excess moisture causes wood to swell, warp and eventually rot. Use natural cleaning products conservatively and dry off excess moisture. This will prevent damage to wood surfaces. A damp cloth often works more efficiently than one with a great deal of moisture. At the end of your cleaning routine, be sure you don’t leave standing water in or around your cabinets.

Avoid Denting Your Doors

Some cabinets have protectors to avoid a loud slamming sound, while others have soft-close hinges. Slamming cabinets doors can create dents and scratches that collect dust and debris easily. Protect your cabinets by closing them gently. Practice these cleaning tips in your kitchen to enjoy long-lasting cabinets with a beautiful shine.