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Should I Add a Vanity to My Bathroom?

In the battle for bathroom space, every inch counts. But what if your [City,State], home wasn’t blessed with a spacious washroom – how can you make more space where there is none? Vanities offer a surprising tool for creating more practical storage and even improving flow in a tight bathroom. Keep reading to learn how a vanity could help solve your bathroom woes.

What is a Vanity?

A bathroom vanity is simply a combination of a sink and the storage cabinetry surrounding it. There are many different types of bathroom vanity, each with its own unique benefits. Some common vanities include the following types:

  • Wall-mounted or floating vanities
  • Free-standing vanities
  • Vessel vanities

Whichever type you choose, there are a few benefits that are common to just about every vanity style.

Improved Space Usage

Improving floor surface instantly makes a room look bigger. Surprisingly, a vanity can open up a room. Adding a few inches of space beneath cabinets via a floating vanity, for example, can make your bathroom look and feel more spacious.

Added Storage

A welcoming bathroom is an uncluttered bathroom. A vanity can help reduce clutter by offering subtle storage. Vanities leverage a sink’s natural overhang to create space to store all of the cleaners, toiletries and other things that would otherwise muck up your bathroom.

Improved Home Resale Value

Not only does a well-designed vanity add space to your bathroom, it can also improve your entire home by boosting its value. The versatility and modern touch that a stylish vanity can offer are extremely popular among home buyers looking for practical and attractive bathrooms.

When it comes to ways to upgrade your bathroom, few options are both affordable and effective. A vanity can offer one such possibility. Whether you’re looking to create more space, improve clutter or simply boost style and resale value, consider a vanity a good investment