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Renovating Your Kitchen Can Raise Your Home’s Value

Breathing new life into your kitchen can do a lot for your home’s value. A kitchen renovation that enhances aesthetics and functionality is a home improvement project that is well worth the effort.

Update Your Design Concept

An outdated kitchen can dramatically reduce closing prices. When homebuyers are perusing listings, modern counters and cabinets, as well as updated appliances, are a welcome sight. Exceptional kitchen design will really help a listing stand out and garner more attention than comparable properties.

Advance Sustainability

Energy efficiency and sustainability features are big selling points for homebuyers. LED lighting and ENERGY STAR-rated appliances reduce a household’s environmental impact and tend to generate appreciable savings on utility bills.

Using materials that are sustainably sourced is an advantageous option in a kitchen renovation. In addition to offering better durability than other materials, sustainable building supplies may make projects more cost-efficient.

Low-flow plumbing fixtures are another practical sustainability measure. Likewise, integrating an ample amount of space for several different forms of waste disposal promotes waste reduction and facilitates full utilization of recycling programs.

If you need help planning updates for your kitchen, reach out to the experienced design team at Cabinet & Stone. Our knowledgeable team members can give you exceptional insight into value-adding improvements for your kitchen.