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Pros & Cons of Installing a Kitchen Island Cooktop

Putting a cooktop in a kitchen island is not a new concept, but there are more products today that are designed specifically for this application. If you are considering putting a cooktop in your kitchen island, you probably would like to weigh both the pros and cons of this placement vs. a more traditional placement in wall cabinetry. It is important to consider how you use your kitchen and island when cooking. Below, we take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of installing a cooktop in your kitchen island.

Pros & Cons of Installing a Kitchen Island Cooktop

PRO: An Island Cooktop is Great for Socializing

Having a cooktop in your island makes it easy for you to cook and entertain simultaneously. Whether you want to chat with guests or talk to your kids while they sit at the island doing homework, facing towards your room makes it much easier to socialize.

CON: An Island Cooktop Takes Up Counter Space

If you are limited for counter spade and don’t have enough room to install a large kitchen island, putting your cooktop in your island takes up valuable counter space for everyday life, preparing food, and entertaining.

PRO: A Kitchen Island Cooktop is a Bold Design Statement

If you’ve ever seen an island cooktop done ell, you know it is a cool, unique and bold design statement. Trying to add visuals interest in your kitchen? This could be a great option.

CON: Island Cooktops Will Likely Be More Expensive

Because you may need to run new lines to power your island cooktop and will also need unique ventilation solutions, it is likely to cost much more than a traditional installation application.