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Pros & Cons of Inset Cabinets

The most common types of cabinetry are framed and frameless, but one that people often overlook is inset cabinets. Inset doors and drawers sit within the structure of the cabinet frame, unlike other styles that mount on the front of the frame. There are different advantages and disadvantages for every cabinet style and below we take a closer look at the pros and cons of inset cabinetry.

Pros and Cons of Inset Cabinetry

PRO: Inset Cabinets are aesthetically pleasing.

Inset cabinets have a naturally “high-end’ appearance that looks like you have invested in beautiful custom cabinetry for your home. Their smooth face is unobtrusive and classic looking.

PRO: Inset cabinet doors and drawers tend to incur less wear over time.

Cabinets doors and drawers that are installed on the face stick out more and are thus more prone to wear and damage over time.

PRO: Inset cabinets are space-saving, making them great for kitchens of any size.

Because the door or drawer is set into the frame rather than on the face of the frame, it can save inches when the doors or drawers are fully open, giving you wiggle room if you have a tight space.

CON: The cost of inset cabinets is higher than with other cabinet styles.

Installing inset cabinets requires experience and significant skill which is why they are typically more expensive than other cabinet styles.

CON: Imperfections and gaps are obvious with inset cabinets.

If not crafted and installed correctly, gaps between the inset door and the cabinet frame will be very obvious. Over time, doors and drawers may shift from use and need periodic adjustments.