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Maximizing Storage in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen trends change over the years but cabinets have always been in vogue. Kitchen cabinets make or break a kitchen. They can be so handsome, stylish and sleek or they can be cumbersome and dated. They could involve a museum-quality storage system or reveal messy shelves with everything thrown in willy-nilly. The good news is that there are tons of ways to maximize storage in your kitchen cabinets.

The Storage Benefits of Kitchen Cabinets

One of the benefits of a good set of kitchen cabinets is that you can adjust the shelves. Adjusting the shelves is something of a trial and error-experience. Pay attention to how your hands are operating among the cabinets. If there’s too much room here and not enough there, you can make the necessary changes to make sure that everything sits neatly and appropriately placed against everything else.

It’s possible that you have large, wide or deep cabinets that have a lot of room but need literal boundaries. Organizers, dividers and pull-out shelves fill in the space with a grid, capable of supporting any number of items that you choose to put in them, from silverware to pans.

Other Types of Storage Solutions

Whether you’re using Bernier custom cabinetry or another brand, it’s important to remember that thinking creatively could yield some effective storage solutions. For instance, because bottles or jars of spices and herbs are prone to falling over and rolling around in a drawer or all over the counter, they’re often unsightly. The simple solution is to employ a spice rack, in which each spice is lined up efficiently as though they were soldiers in company form. This is more impressive to look at and easier to find the dried basil when you need it.

Kitchen Cabinets Merge Form & Function

Kitchen cabinets should satisfy several needs of the homeowner. They should look impressive while hiding the banal kitchenware behind your favorite color with custom handles. They should present you with beauty when you see them and comfort when you use them. Contact Cabinet & Stone today with any questions you might have about how the right kitchen cabinets could add value to your space.