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How To Utilize Your Cabinets and Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Whether your kitchen is old or new, its cabinets are bound to be a major storage feature. If you design and use them thoughtfully, they can keep you and your kitchen organized. Here are four simple steps to utilizing your cabinets and creating an organized kitchen.

1. Consider Your Kitchen Habits

Whether you love to cook or prefer to raid the fridge, it makes sense to consider your kitchen habits. Do you spend more time at the stove, the sink or the fridge? If your answer’s the stove, are the pots, pans and utensils you need within reach? If not, it’s time to start planning. Make a list of your most important workspaces or areas and the resources you need in these areas.

2. Empty and Clean Your Cabinets

Once you’ve made your workspaces and resources list, empty your cabinets. This allows you to see everything you have and discover long-forgotten items! It also allow you to access and clean these spaces so that you’re starting with a clean slate.

3. Organize and Clean Your Items

When your cabinets are empty, group the contents according to your list. Now’s a good time to clean the items you want to keep and create a pile of old or unwanted items to donate or recycle. Getting rid of these items is a major step to creating an organized kitchen and a gift to others.

4. Restock Your Cabinets

Once you’ve cleaned your cabinets and items, restock your cabinets according to your list. Store large or heavy items, such as mixers and mixing bowls, in lower or easy-access cabinets. Drawers are a great choice for linens, utensils and other smaller, lightweight objects.

Follow these four steps to create an organized kitchen and make the most of its storage spaces. When you’re done, move on to your bathroom cabinets. The same simple steps apply!