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How to Choose Bathroom Lighting

You may not realize it, but the lighting you install in your bathroom is some of the most important lighting in your whole home. Bathrooms tend to have less light than many other rooms in the house.  But, even in a bathroom that gets natural light, it is important to install lighting that is not only stylish but functional as well.  There is nothing worse than bad lighting when trying to apply makeup, shave your face, or simply get ready for the day. Your lighting will impact almost anything you do in your bathroom so it is often best to have more than one lighting source so that you can adjust your lighting as needed for whatever task you are performing in your bathroom or if you want to relax. Below, we are sharing some of our favorite tips for choosing bathroom lighting.

How to Choose Bathroom Lighting

  • Task Lighting
    • Make sure you have a quality task lighting source. Though you will not always need bright light in your bathroom, there are certain activities that you definitely will want bright task lighting for. Often, task lighting is most needed around the vanity and in the shower. It is best to have a light source on the wall to optimally see your face for things like shaving or applying makeup so if you are installing can lighting in your bathroom, don’t forget task lighting such as wall sconces.
  • Recessed Lighting
    • Recessed lighting such as can lights in the ceiling is an excellent source of general brightness for a space. It will not create a sense of ambiance but will instead provide the necessary illumination you need to generally function in your bathroom.
  • Ambient Lighting
    • When you want to create a warm and relaxing ambiance in your bathroom, can lighting is typically not going to get the job done. Something like a chandelier, pendant light, or other lighting accessories can give you the lighting flexibility you want so that you can set the perfect tone for whatever you are doing in the bathroom.

What to know about bathroom lighting?

Proper lighting is essential for any space. Especially for bathrooms, lighting could transform the functionality of bathroom and improve its aesthetics. Most individuals spend less time putting thought into their bathroom lighting needs. However, consider the lighting options to find the best available ones.

Flush mount

By definition, flush lights are installed on the ceiling. They don’t need any chain or cord to hang down like other lights. It is most affordable option on the market and homeowners can choose the vast varieties based on their lifestyle and preferences.


For bathrooms, wall-mounted light fixtures prove to be the best option because they provide direct illumination. There are many styles available on the market that could enrich the aesthetics of a space. Moreover, people can add some personality to their room with wall sconces and light bars. It can also make the bathroom more functional.


The most common modern lighting option is pendant lighting. It is used in bathroom because they are suspended from the ceiling using cords or chains. Pendent lights are extremely versatile, as they come in many height options and styles. People can also choose between big or small options depending on their space.

Recessed lighting

These are metal lights installed on the ceiling. It makes the fixtures barely visible because the canisters are concealed within the walls. Recessed lights are an ideal choice for a bathroom because they can handle humidity and watery conditions. Moreover, they can be cleaned easily and streamlined as preferred.

Side-mounted sconces

Another best option for bathroom lighting is side-mounted sconces. These are installed on either side of the mirror to provide illumination at eye-level. People can also place the mirror above the sink with mounting fixtures to the side of their mirror.


Any type of bathroom layout will benefit from layers of lighting. It is essential to ensure even distribution to the entire space with a combination of ambient lighting. People can also choose pendants, flush mounts, or chandeliers. It is ideal for daily routines like grooming or applying makeup.

Fixture size

Choose the best lighting option depending on the size and style of a bathroom. The right fixtures are a valuable investment that can set the perfect tone for a bathroom. Moreover, it can improve the resale value of a property significantly.