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How the Right Design Can Improve the Functionality of Your Kitchen

Whether you are a professional chef or a passionate cook who enjoys preparing delicious dishes for your loved ones, you know how important kitchen design is. A functional kitchen helps you work more efficiently without neglecting aesthetics.

Optimizing the Layout of Your Kitchen Design

For the most efficient kitchen space possible, you need to optimize the layout and where you will locate each of your tools. For example, you should place the sink, stove, and fridge close to each other in the “working triangle,” where most of your cooking will happen. If you place them too far away from each other, you will have to move around more, which is not optimal when you will be preparing large meals or on your feet for long periods of time.

Maximizing Your Space

Maximizing your space is crucial to have a functional kitchen. Even a small kitchen can be delightful to work in when you design it correctly. When thinking about your kitchen design, including plenty of storage areas. This can include cupboards, cabinets and pantries. There should be enough space to store everything, but it should be easily accessible. Keeping your workspace uncluttered will make your kitchen seem bigger and let you cook more comfortably.

You can also divide your kitchen into zones. For example, in your cooking zone, be sure you have everything you need to cook close to your stove. In your cleaning zone, which surrounds your sink, be sure to plan enough space for everything related to cleaning up the kitchen. You can also work out a storage zone near the fridge, where you place Tupperware or store less-used items.

Deciding on the Best Kitchen Design

It’s one thing to read about and another to plan a functional kitchen. So whether you’re building a home or remodeling, feel free to contact us to speak about kitchen design with a professional designer.