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Exploring the Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2022

Today, when it comes to kitchen design, form and function are meeting in a space in bold new ways. How people work, live and cook in their kitchens determines what should be in there and how it should be placed. We thought we’d share some of the current trends that folks are leaning into in 2022.

Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2022

1. Additional Spaces

People are building additional spaces into their kitchens for things like sculleries, pantries, wine towers and warming drawers. It’s about dining and preparing in a space that has an elegant feel and flow.

2. Bold, Durable Designs

Moody kitchens feature dark colors, but they don’t have the dimness of 1980s kitchens. One reason for this is a lot of accessible natural light and cabinets that aren’t so much wood-stained as they are painted in shades of black, green or blue.
More kitchens are using durable materials, such as granite and quartzite. These merge beauty with a surface that will stand the test of time.

3. Custom-placed Appliances

The kitchen triangle of appliances is trending down in favor of people considering their needs and layout desires, and working off of that more freeing blueprint. People are viewing kitchen design in a way that more reflects their lifestyles.

Top designers will tell you that people’s habits are the biggest determiners when designing a comfortable, handsome space. From cabinets to pantries, people are maximizing their space in a utilitarian and personal way. Visit us at Cabinet&Stone to see our current collection of cabinets and our total inventory today.