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Enjoy Outdoor Living at Home with NatureKast Outdoor Cabinetry

When you could spend time outside in beautiful weather – why wouldn’t you? Whether you are spending time alone relaxing, with your family, or entertaining guests, having an outdoor living space that is not only functional but beautiful and durable is essential.  Traditionally, when designing an outdoor kitchen or outdoor media area, you were limited with cabinetry options.  Most options were either not durable enough to withstand outside weather conditions over time or they were not very attractive or coordinated with your home’s overall architectural design.  At Cabinet & Stone, we are excited to have a durable and stylish solution to this old dilemma – NatureKast outdoor cabinetry.

NatureKast cabinetry is weatherproof outdoor cabinetry with all of the beauty, finesse, and quality craftsmanship of the cabinetry inside your home.  Naturekast cabinetry is available in a variety of colors and natural wood finishes to ensure there is a style that every homeowner will love and that will aesthetically integrate seamlessly.  The cabinets are the first 100% weatherproof cabinets available and they use a technologically-advanced high-density resin system that replicates the natural beauty – including the texture and color – of real wood.

NatureKast cabinetry uses PVC (a man-made polymer used in a wide variety of applications in various industries) because it is completely weatherproof and highly durable. Enjoy unlimited design options for your outdoor kitchen area along with the widest range of outdoor TV cabinets, decorative molded elements, and full-access appliance cabinets. Cabinet and drawer boxes are the strongest on the market because they are assembled from 100% PVC and bonded together for exceptional performance.  The stunning and realistic finishes on NatureKast cabinetry are further achieved by using resin that is compressed with the PVC for a truly exceptional outdoor cabinet.