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Are Outdoor Cabinets Waterproof?

Whether you already live in your dream home or are currently designing it, an outdoor kitchen makes an excellent addition. Outdoor kitchens extend your home’s liveable space and enhance your time spent outdoors relaxing or entertaining. Today’s modern outdoor kitchen cabinetry options have come a long way and now there are weatherproof options that can withstand direct exposure to the elements while still looking as gorgeous as indoor cabinets. Many people worry about cabinet durability – what if cabinets are in direct sun exposure or get rained or even snowed on? No to worry, with NatureKast outdoor kitchen cabinetry, your cabinets are designed and built to last!

What Are NatureKast Outdoor Cabinets Made of to be Weatherproof?

NatureKast outdoor kitchen cabinets come in a variety of natural colors and textures which makes them look like they are made of real wood. Real wood cabinets fade, weaken, and incur damage when exposed to weather conditions such as sunlight and rain but NatureKast’s revolutionary weatherproof cabinets are incredibly durable because they are made from high-density resin. Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVS, is a man-made polymer used in a variety of applications because it is a highly durable and extremely lightweight material. Compared to other applications, its use in outdoor cabinetry is relatively new but has truly transformed the industry.

How Do NatureKast Cabinets Look & Perform?

Most people assume that cabinets built to be weatherproof cannot have the same beauty as indoor cabinets but NatureKast’s cabinets are both durable and attractive. PVC that is finished with a hi-density resin system produces an astonishingly similar appearance to natural wood. Regardless of your design aesthetic and architectural style, NatureKast is available in a variety of attractive styles and finishes. When it comes to performance, NatureKast cabinets cannot be beaten. This is because the 100% waterproof PVC cabinet boxes are assembled using a weld-like bonding process which produces the strongest cabinet box on the market. They will not fade, warp, or rot like other outdoor wood cabinets. When designing your outdoor kitchen, make sure to invest in NatureKast outdoor kitchen cabinets.