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5 Benefits of Adding Cabinets to Your Laundry Room

Whether you do the laundry for your entire family or just for yourself, you likely spend a good bit of time in your laundry room. When you add cabinets to this all-important workspace, you can expect the following benefits.

1. Maximize Storage

Whether your laundry room is a glorified closet or the largest room in the house, cabinets help you maximize your storage space. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets take advantage of that often-neglected space below the ceiling. Drawers under your washer and dryer not only give you additional storage space but also elevate your machines so that you do less bending!

2. Improve Organization

Cabinets provide a natural organization to laundry room items. For example, floor-to-ceiling cabinets offer storage for ironing boards, brooms and drying racks while over-counter cabinets accommodate folded stacks and laundry products.

3. Hide Messes

Laundry rooms are places of piles and stains, and cabinets spare you from these eyesores. Even better, cabinets can contain the hampers and bins you use to store unwashed clothing and bedding as well as stain removers.

4. Childproof Products

Many laundry products contain bleach and other chemical compounds that can cause harm if ingested or spilled. If you live with children or entertain young visitors, cabinets give you the option to secure and childproof products either by locking them away or storing them in an out-of-reach location.

5. Incorporate Style

Adding cabinets to your laundry room allows you to incorporate your style into this critical workspace. Whether you install the same style of cabinets as in your adjoining kitchen or choose contemporary, streamlined cabinets, these choices let you create the aesthetic that most pleases you. Full-access cabinets with hardwood, laminate or wood veneer doors are especially popular choices for laundry rooms.

As you can see, cabinets can take your laundry room to a higher level of organization, storage and style. They’re a critical factor in any laundry room makeover.