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4 Reasons to Choose Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces

If you haven’t looked recently, when you look at the wide-array available countertop materials today, your head might spin. There are so many options from which to choose, and at such varied price points, that it can be confusing to determine which material is best for your home. Many people mistakenly think that only natural stone materials will be durable and beautiful enough to be a long-lasting investment but that is not the case. Wilsonart engineered surfaces are a low-maintenance manufactured laminate countertop product that is resistant to fingerprints, scratches, and scuffs. Below, we take a closer look at 4 reasons you should consider Wilsonart engineered surfaces for your next countertop.

4 Reasons to Choose Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces


Surfaces should not only be beautiful, they should perform for you. An extraordinary surface is one that is a high-quality product both aesthetically and functionally.


A man-made countertop product should be innovative otherwise – what’s the point? Wilsonart engineered surfaces display an unparalleled commitment to excellence through innovative technology, design, manufacturing, and features.


Wilsonart engineered surfaces maximize the capabilities of manmade products with a plethora of product option sand designs from which to choose so that there is always a material to seamlessly integrate with your design aesthetic.


Wilsonart engineered surfaces are backed by an extensive distribution footprint and specification network to provide you with consistent quality and on-time delivery so that you never have to worry about delaying your project to wait on countertops.