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3 Types of Countertop Material

With so many beautiful countertop materials and colors/patterns, it can be overwhelming to choose which is best for your kitchen. Though you cannot go wrong with most natural stones and slabs, there are differences in terms of durability, price, and patterns so you should consider your lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic preferences before choosing which material to use in your kitchen remodel.

3 Types of Countertop Material

1. Granite

Granite is very durable because it is stain and scratch-resistant and is very low maintenance because it only needs to be sealed every 1-5 years. No two granite slabs are the same with each having its own natural movement, color, and crystalline structure. Available in a wide array of price points, granite is a material that can fit in most kitchen remodel budgets and will add tremendous value to your kitchen.

2. Marble

Marble is an extremely beautiful natural material that is easy to work with because it is less brittle than granite. Also, marble is extremely heat resistant and durable but they are more susceptible to staining than other countertop materials. While marble countertops do tend to be more expensive, when properly maintained, they add tremendous value to your home.

3. Quartz

Quartz is a stunning countertop material that is made from natural minerals but durability is optimized in creation, making it a great option for any home. Quartz is both stain-resistant and scratch-resistant and does not absorb or harbor bacteria, making it very hygienic.